Picker Photography was established in 2001 as a vehicle to provide greater worldwide exposure for the photographic portfolio developed over 30 years by Robert Ian Picker, M.D. Dr. Picker is a physician, board certified in psychiatry, practicing in Concord, California. Throughout his career, Dr. Picker has used a holistic approach to enhance mental and physical health including the use of the creative arts into the therapy process.

Dr. Picker's love of nature and travel has led him to photography as a creative pursuit. He has traveled extensively over the last 30 years to inspirational locations in Asia, Central & North America, Hawaii, New Zealand, as well as a full year traveling throughout Europe. He continues to add to his photographic portfolio during his world travels. Currently living at the foot of Mount Diablo State Park in Clayton, California, he continues to shoot photos aimed at instilling inspiration and uplifting the human spirit.